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This is Stella. I am a Bassett Hound and quite cute and sassy. My Mom, Karen found Debbie’s TLC and let me adopt “Aunt Debbie” as my other Mom and caregiver. Every day I get to go to play at the dog park with my best friend Sasha. We are sometimes ninja dogs and other days we let other pups play with us. In addition to play group , Aunt Debbie keeps me when Mom goes out of town or has to work late. I know and Mom knows that Aunt Debbie has been a great influence on my behavior and taught Mom some of her tricks ! I cannot say enough good things about the love and care she gives me and the peace of mind she gives my Mom.

P.S. My Mom typed this since Bassett Hound’s paws do not fit the keyboard very well! She agrees with everything I said and would add that Debbie’s TLC is the best thing that has happened to her as a pet owner and she has owned pets for more than 30 years !

- Karen




We hired Debbie when we got our 3rd puppy, Finley, in the fall of 2012. We needed someone to check on Finley, and our other 2 dogs, Chloe and Tucker, twice a day and to make sure that Finley was able to go to the bathroom outside.

We initially planned to use the service until Finley was old enough to hold his bladder through the day, but it’s been two years and we still have Chris over twice a day when the dogs are not at daycare.

We decided to stay with Debbie’s service because we are really happy with the quality of care she and Chris provided. I’ve asked neighbors if they have ever seen Chris outside with the dogs, and they comment how he plays with them and spends considerable time while they do their business.

Great people, great price/value, and someone we trust and are comfortable with entering our home and caring for our dogs when we are not there.

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