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Max and Gracie

Debbie is the greatest!! Our dogs, Max and Gracie love her! Like really love her. And so does our 2 year old daughter. She's definitely family to us.

- The Trulock family

Gordon and Gatsby

We were lucky enough to find Debbie’s TLC in 2008 and we are extremely happy with the professional, loving dog walking and sitting services. Debbie and her associates are reliable, dependable, and most importantly, passionate about dogs! Stephen currently takes care of our two Yorkies, Gordon and Gatsby, and we could not be happier with him! Stephen is extremely personable, flexible, and he keeps us informed about our babies at all times. Debbie and her team give us great piece of mind knowing that our dogs are being well taken care of when we are at work. We can’t recommend Debbie’s TLC enough!

- Stephanie


Debbie has a huge gift in her love of animals. Debbie has cared for our pets for the last nine years and we love having her as a loving member of our extended family. Debbie always provides thoughtful updates about our pets while we are out of town, and she takes initiative to fix any problems that come up while we are away. For example, once we failed to leave enough pet food for the week, and Debbie went out and bought more food for our pets without mentioning it to us while we were away. Our family trusts Debbie 100%, and we know that she puts our pets first when we are not home to care for them. In addition, Debbie is genuinely a nice and caring individual, which shows in the extension from her caring for our pets to treating her (human) clients with respect and courtesy. Debbie runs her business in an organized fashion and is easy to communicate with. We highly recommend Debbie to care for your pets. We can't imagine an individual that would provide more thoughtful care for our cats!

- Wendy


We feel truly lucky to have found Debbie's TLC. Not only do they do an excellent job of walking our dog, Trixie, during the day while we are at work, they have taken excellent care of our cat, Tommy, while we've been on vacation. We know that not only are their physical needs being ably handled, but we feel even better about the fact that Debbie's TLC makes sure our pets get lots of love and attention as well. While we were out of town, we received photos and text updates that put our minds at ease, and if they notice anything amiss with either of the pets during the day, they let us know immediately. We feel like we've found great friends, both to us AND to Trixie and Tommy, with Debbie's TLC. They take care of our pets the way we would if we could be with them all the time. - Nancy

Every now and again, you just get lucky in life. That's how we felt when we found Debbie's TLC.

We had never used a dog walker, or pet sitter, before, so we were really nervous at first. Luckily, we regularly attended our local dog park (every day at lunch) and would run into this woman who had a group of pups that she would watch each day. You would see them jump out of her car one by one and run straight for the the dog park gate. During the hour long play time she would play fetch, chase them around, love on each dog, and tend to their every need. She would make sure that each dog had the same amount of attention and would keep each of them out of harms way when other dogs came into the park that were aggressive or did not get along with one of her dogs.

After regularly attending the dog park and getting to know this dog walker, I soon realized how truly amazing she really was. My dog, Tenlee, and I would then meet Debbie and her playgroup each day. All the dogs were regulars so they became a little pack. Tenlee would get a hop in her step as we would walk closer to the park and her tail would wag incessantly. It wasn't until the first time, we had to leave our Tenlee for a work trip that I truly realized how amazing Debbie really was.

Like any other puppy owner, I asked all of the typical questions. Would our baby be safe? Could we trust her to keep her from running out the front door? Would we feel comfortable giving her a key to our house? After the first visit, Debbie texted me numerous times telling me how well Tenlee was doing and even included photos and a video of her playing with the other dogs! Ever since then, I can always rely on Debbie to treat my baby as if it was her own. Three years later, we added another addition to our family, baby Bella, a hyperactive boxer. Being a puppy, I was concerned about leaving her for the first time, but knew she would be safe in Debbie's hands. Soon Bella adapted to the routine that her sister had been doing for so many years and she learned how amazing playgroup really was.

Now, we cannot live without our Miss Debbie! She truly has a gift and loves each and every animal she watches, and they love her just as much back. Whenever we say her name (Miss Debbie) both Tenlee and Bella's ears perk up and they immediately run for the door. When we see her walking other dogs around our neighborhood, the girls tails can't stop wagging and they quickly pull their leashes and practically drag me to her so they can shower her in kisses. She truly is their favorite human.

Debbie walks them, helps train them, and has one of her well trusted helpers stay overnight at our house when we go away. We know we can always trust Debbie to keep our babies safe, happy and healthy which is such a relief when you are away. She is always accommodating and tries to do everything to meet your and your baby's needs.

We thank our lucky stars every day for Debbie. She is truly a blessing. Anyone would be lucky to have her as their pet sitter / dog walker.

- Natalie

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